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We strive to create the best training videos in the world. We create innovative tutorials, breakdowns, analysis, practice plans and motivational videos so you can better your total game. We continue to make progress toward the development of the sport and make it a priority to offer you the most enjoyable experience throughout your own improvement towards greatness. Leading the hockey training industry is a responsibility. In every video we make, our goal is to help you feel fulfilled in your growth to become the best player you can be and to enjoy every moment of the process.
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iTrain Hockey revolutionized online player development video tutorials with the introduction of Sean Walker’s teachings in 2008. Today, iTH leads the world in hockey training with videos on player skills tutorials, individual and team practice plans, online remote video coaching, off-ice training and motivational videos to better the game for players of all ages and skill levels. iTrain Hockey provides a thorough teaching experience to empower hockey players with breakthrough correctional training in all skills including skating, shooting, passing, puck control, offensive + defensive tactics and so much more. iTH is dedicated to making the best videos on earth, and to making an impact on the development of the great game of hockey! To view our full video library become a member at iTrainHockey.com