Here are my six progressive steps for how to look at your team flow drills:

1️⃣ Understand the DRILL and it’s purpose.
2️⃣ Understand how to execute the SKILLS within the drill.
3️⃣ Understand your POSITIONING and where you and all your teammates need to be within the movement of the drill.
4️⃣ Understand proper TIMING, change your gears as required for each circumstance. When to go fast and when to slow down to stay in proper position.
5️⃣ Understand how to create FLOW with your line mates based on yours and their abilities of skill, positioning and timing.
6️⃣ In game situations, there will sometimes be a BREAK IN FLOW at times when you and your teammates are under tight check. Now WORK HARD to get open and win puck battles. Then go back to step five: create team flow again.

Players, learn to comprehend this progression and coaches, teach this progression to your students. This is the proper order to implement strong team organization on the ice within your team systems.