Here’s a little coaches knowledge to create productive and quick team gatherings at your practice between drills on the ice to energize them! I like to begin my practices with a good hard skate without pucks then with them, 2-3 drills max lastly 10-15 minutes. Get them and you warm and ready for the rest of the practice. You and they should break a sweat!

After this skate the players get the idea – it’s gonna be a good lesson today and they’re prepared to work hard for it! Then you energize them even more with a quick chat about today’s purpose, what we as a team want to accomplish in our skills or team development, maybe even a quick chat about how you’re playing as a team lately and what we need to do to improve or develop going forward.

TIPS for excellent powwows?
1️⃣ Be ENGAGING. Bring some animation to your speech and actions. Be attractive. Listen to my words, watch my actions and be aware of my passion for wanting to make you all better people and better hockey players today!
2️⃣ You’re the director of FUN. Be a bit goofy and funny, this will invite everyone to have a good time with you and command the attention of your players.
3️⃣ Be the LEADER. Be authoritative with strong leadership qualities. Give me a reason to want to listen to you. Give me a reason to want to work my ass off for you today.
4️⃣ COMMAND their attention. If one or two players are not engaged, don’t let it go unnoticed. Offer within a group correction setting some words to players who’s eyes are not focused on you.
5️⃣ INSPIRE them! Give them purpose. Today we practice hard for ourselves, our team as a whole, and for our fans. We practice hard today and it’ll show in our games. We will attract winning and success from our efforts and attention that we bring today in practice.
6️⃣ WORK HARD for them and they will work hard for you.

Now, let’s do it! Go right into the next drill. Limit the amount of time you’re stationary with them including in illustrating the drill on the board. Show them or get them to demonstrate the drill and progress together as a team through it to game speed.