Hockey is the fastest sport in the world. It’s the reason I love it so much! Skating at supersonic speeds forces you to think fast, react fast and push your body past your limit. Skating at 100% is the fastest you can skate. Skating at 101% is the fastest you’ve ever skated in your life! Push past your limits!

When you’re passed the puck at the highest level of hockey your opposition will forecheck you aggressively. This forces you to have limited time and space to create plays. On the offensive side of the puck if you have more speed than your defender you can just blow by them!
Speed is the name of the game and it’s only getting faster and faster every season.

Taylor Hall, Nathan MacKinnon, Connor McDavid, Dylan Larkin to name a few speedsters but who do you think is the fastest skater in the NHL today? Comment below ⬇️