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Join me for a special camp in New York! Sign up for my two-day, six-hour puck handling, deking and shooting training camp July 21st and 22nd. On Thursday, July 21st we will be running an Advanced Stickhandling, Deking and then a Deking with Shots MasterClass. On Friday, July 22nd we will be running a Wrist-Snap Shot, Advanced Shooting and then a One Timers MasterClass. Bring a hockey friend or teammate to come join you on the ice! 

Ages 12 to adult. House League, recreational, rep and up to AAA levels – all will greatly benefit from this training session! We will make sure to create a fun, safe, hard working and organized training session for all participants!


Dates: Thursday, July 21st and Friday July 22nd, 2022.

Time: 3:15-6:15pm

Arena: Ice Hutch, Mt Vernon, New York.

Players: 30 Participant Max. Ages 12 to adult. All levels. Boys and girls are all welcome. We always have groups of players from each age level so you won’t be the only one in your age category. 

Lead Trainer: Sean Walker

Cost: $379.99 +hst CDN ($297 USD Approx.)

HOUR 1 (3:15-4:15pm): Advanced Stickhandling MasterClass: I tell players that we were not born with a stick or a puck but today I want you to handle each like you were, as if they are a part of your body. Our aim in this high tempo training class is to become one with the puck so we can skate at any speed and control the puck at that same speed. Players who know how to control the puck can control the game, they’re trusted players to get the puck to because they can always make a play out of it. In this MasterClass, players will develop basic and advanced stickhandling abilities, quick hands, basic and advanced deke moves and their speedy skating with puck control.
HOUR 2 (4:15-5:15pm): Deking MasterClass: Be an explosive offensive force learning many several variations of deke moves you can use on your next opponent. In this workshop you’ll learn basic and advanced dekes, how to deke with your legs in combination with the many puck handling moves we’ll help you learn.
HOUR 3 (5:15-6:15pm): Deking Into Shots MasterClass: Learn how to use the opposition as a screen and shoot past them with these many effective ways to shoot past defenders. 
HOUR 4 (3:15-4:15pm): Wrist + Snap Shot MasterClass: Wrist and snap shots are by far the quickest and most deadly shots a player can have in their repertoire. Since goal-scoring is so much fun we created a program that teaches you how to bury the puck in the back of the net more often. Players will learn wrist and snap shots from their front leg as well as off leg shots. In this MasterClass we teach you how to shoot quick release shots powerfully, with the proper technique, accurately, and with a mental mindset of shooting with the intention to score!
HOUR 5 (4:15-5:15pm): Advanced Shooting MasterClass: Wannabe pure goal scorers wanted! This is the ultimate advanced shooting variety class. I’ll offer a quick refresher on basic techniques before jumping quickly into advanced level quick release shooting. Players will develop the ability to shoot the evolved wrist-snap shots that most NHLers and pros are using these days, designed to provide the shooter with a powerful, accurate and quick release shot. Players will learn to shoot on their off legs (left leg as a lefty and right leg as a righty), they will learn to shoot in stride as well as in a crossover when driving the net from a wide angle. Players will also develop their toe drag shots like Auston Matthews has demonstrated to be able to shoot past shot blockers and to move the goaltenders off being square with the puck, a dangerous shot to have in your repertoire.
HOUR 6 (5:15-6:15pm): One-Timers MasterClass: Hockey’s the fastest sport in the world, the way we release our shots needs to be able to keep up. Team up for some 2-on-0’s and learn how to take quick release snap shot, and heavy slap shot one timers in this powerful training intensive.
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To add your name to the waitlist please email admin@iTrainHockey.com Thank you!

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  • In the comments section of the registration form please confirm the participant’s name and age so we can arrange each player into their designated age + skill level group on the ice. Also, if there are any specific skills you or your player need or would like to work on, please offer Sean details in the additional notes section and he will work on those skills with them/ you and aim to integrate drills that will develop those skills into the class practice plan.
  • Please have your water bottles filled before coming to the rink.
  • Lead trainer, Sean Walker is welcoming a few coaches, trainers or hockey parent volunteers with a knowledge of the game and ability to execute each skill to volunteer their time and help support instruct Sean during the lesson if they’d like to help out and be involved. It’s also a great opportunity to develop your own coaching/ training skills. Please email admin@itrainhockey.com if you’re interested. If we require more volunteers such as yourself, we’ll confirm you in and give you all the necessary details.
  • If participants in the camp have 50-100 pucks that they could lend us for the camp, we’d greatly appreciate it! This will help Sean keep his baggage weight down on his flights as it’s not easy travelling with a heavy load of pucks.
  • Please note if a refund is requested because you or your player can no longer attend the camp we will issue a refund only if the refund is requested 10 days prior to the camp start date. All refund requests after 10 days will only be issued if someone on the camp wait list is available to take your spot. Please note there will also be a $10 admin fee for all refunds as this is what we are charged ourselves by our financial institution. Thank you for your cooperation.

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