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This is where you start playing the best hockey of your life! With the iTH+ Membership you receive SO MUCH, including a full access pass to our 600+ on-ice and off-ice training videos! Learn every basic and advanced level skill the game demands in our skills tutorial videos. Watch and follow along to individual or team practice plans and enjoy the 100+ recipes to our super healthy meals, snacks and drinks to energize your hockey training sessions and workouts. Sean Walker’s engaging style of teaching helps you grow into a complete hockey player as the videos guide you to advance your hockey skills. Receive unlimited access to our growing library of training videos available today with an iTH+ Membership! 

Choose from a variety of focused lessons including:

  1. Skills Tutorials – Learn every skill the game demands with step-by-step breakdowns and drills for you to use to develop your abilities.
  2. Player Practice Plans – Follow along to our on-ice plans guiding you through each drill with demos and instructions on how to execute each skill perfectly.
  3. Team Practice Plans – Designed for coaches to follow at their own team practice times. Need new drills that focus on developing specific individual or team-based skills? These videos are all you need!
  4. Off-Ice Training – Follow along to these hockey-specific workouts to grow your athleticism for when you’re back on the ice – both youth and adult plans available. Use the same exercises NHLers use to develop their abilities. This category of videos also offers you inline hockey, off-ice stick handling and off-ice shooting practice plans you can follow along to on your driveway, in the garage, on the street or on a roller hockey rink.
  5. NHL Player Highlights Analysis – We breakdown specific NHLers incredible goals and plays to help you understand how to execute the same skills in your own games and training sessions – individual skills as well as team-based skills.
  6. Remote Coaching – Here we breakdown iTrain Hockey Members skills which they submitted by video. We offer them to be viewed by all our Members because group correction is helpful for everyone, both individual hockey players as well as to coaches and hockey trainers looking to learn how to correct specific skills. Players, parents and coaches submit individual skills or in-game videos of your shifts for a super helpful review straight from Sean Walker to you. Become a Member and submit your own videos for an additional charge. Head over to the Shop page to learn more.
  7. Hockey Knowledge – Learn what it takes to become the best hockey player you can be. Wanna become a leader on your team? Pure goal scorer? Amazing puck handler and more? These are gonna be your new favourite videos!
  8. Coaching Training – Learn all you need to know to become the best hockey coach or trainer in these encouraging and informative videos. 

Receive access to our weekly growing collection of new videos. Submit your request for new video training ideas including your own remote coaching clips, NHL player analysis, and skills tutorials. Choose from a wide variety of training videos that you can instantly access anywhere! Watch at home, on the ice, the gym, work and even when traveling. View all the beautiful HD videos from your phone, device, or desktop computer.

Log in to access all the videos from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Receive unrestricted access to iTrain Hockey. Subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period. It is the responsibility of the customer to cancel a membership. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time on your account page or by emailing admin@itrainhockey.com prior to the auto-renewal date.

Thank you so much for your support! It allows us to continue to create amazing content for you to enjoy. As an iTH+ Member you get access to every video we create as well as exclusive content created just for you! Minimum 2-6 new videos and several new recipes released each week + you’re supporting an amazing creative project. This content is created for hockey fans like you who are willing to support us! We appreciate your patronage and want you to receive our exclusive content in exchange. Thank you hockey players, parents, fans and coaches!

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iTrain Hockey revolutionized online player development video tutorials with the introduction of Sean Walker's teachings in 2008. Today, iTH leads the world in hockey training with videos on player skills tutorials, individual and team practice plans, online remote video coaching, off-ice training and motivational videos to better the game for players of all ages and skill levels. The iTH+ provides a thorough teaching experience to empower hockey players with breakthrough correctional training in all skills including skating, shooting, passing, puck control, offensive + defensive tactics and so much more. iTH+ is dedicated to making the best videos on earth, and to making an impact on the development of the great game of hockey! To view our full video library with closed captioning available in every language, become a member at iTrainHockey.com

25 reviews for MONTHLY iTH+

  1. Jean M.

    “Jonathan is just so excited to meet you in person. He could not believe it at first and kept saying “is it really Coach Sean’s camp and is he really coming to Anaheim?!” You are the first coach we subscribed to ever since he started ice hockey. We joined the iTrain Hockey Membership last winter. He has been watching your videos via iTrain Hockey’s website. He is a self-motivated boy who has a lot of passion for hockey. As a mom with no hockey knowledge, I have to make myself understand hockey for him. I am glad we found you via YouTube. Jonathan and I always have a great time together discussing and applying what we’ve learned from your videos to his practice and games.

    Thank you again! Looking forward to meeting with you in April!”

    Kind Regards,
    Jean M.

  2. Bill Doran

    “I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube. We bought your membership today. I feel like you are the missing link my son Ty needs in hockey. He has great skill, and work ethic. I just don’t have the knowledge to teach him what he needs to know. What he learns in your 10 minute videos is better then I can show him in 10 seasons. He has great coaches in House League and his AAA spring team. But none compare to what you have on your website. Keep posting and we will keep buying. Thank you. We also hope to do a couple of your zoom classes soon too. Great stuff!”

    – Bill Doran
    Saskatchewan, Canada

  3. Max Sznewajs

    “Hi Sean, I’m a youth hockey skating coach out in Los Angeles. I want to say I love all of the YouTube videos you’ve posted through your iTrain Hockey account. I discovered your videos when I first started coaching, and they’ve helped me when it came to finding new drills and practice techniques so thank you. Thanks again for all the videos you post and I look forward to hearing from you.”
    – Max Sznewajs
    Los Angeles, CA, USA

  4. Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod Body Break

    “Over the past three years my daughter has participated in many iTrain Hockey camps and developmental sessions. She enjoys Sean’s very effective approach of fun and variety. I like the first class instruction that Sean provides his students. I have been to several different training programs over the years and I believe iTrain Hockey is one of the best! It is excellent value for your money.”

    – Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod
    Body Break
    Oakville, ON, Canada

  5. Richard Henry

    “This website is the best. I may not be a better hockey player just yet, but I received very valuable coaching from your videos. Thanks, Sean.”

    – Richard Henry
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

  6. Gregg

    “Definitely the best coach I’ve seen. He always pays attention to the technical details which is key. Keep up the great work. I’m an advanced player and still learn things.”
    – Gregg

  7. Conny Kettemeier

    “The new website is just great. I specially love the Nutrition category – will definitely try some of those. I just told my son you’re filming new inline hockey videos and he’s excited to watch all of them!”
    – Conny Kettemeier
    iTrain Hockey Member

  8. Duncan Keith

    “I’ve been enjoying watching and learning from your videos. I’ve had more time on the ice to coach my 7-year-old son back here in Penticton. I found your website through Instagram, if I recall correctly. I feel it’s helped me be a better teacher to these kids in only a few practices so thank you. Particularly interested in the edge work stuff. It’s been fun going back in my childhood and try and remember the figure skating drills and power skating stuff I did but nice to have your website to not go off my memory so much.”
    – Duncan Keith
    iTrain Hockey Member
    Chicago Blackhawks Defenseman, 3x Stanley Cup Winner, 2x Norris Trophy Winner, Olympic Gold Medalist

  9. Cole Mosher

    Congrats on everything you’ve achieved so far. Just by following your Instagram you can really see your love of the game. Keep teaching and inspiring the next generation of players man, what your doing is awesome.
    – Cole Mosher

  10. Mihai Marius Sensibilu

    Sean Walker, is a very good skater. Strong, agile, fast.
    – Mihai Marius Sensibilu

  11. Jason Torres

    Hi Coach Sean & iTrain Hockey Team,

    First, I want to acknowledge the incredible work you all do! I absolutely love your videos and have watched all the ones you offer for free on YouTube along with your shorter clips on social media. The way you teach hockey is incredible and really inspiring.

    I was getting in touch because watching your videos has inspired me to want to take up coaching and using your membership as my material for how to work with players. Hockey has truly changed my life in so many ways.

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease and I thought I would have to stop playing hockey because my body was shutting down. However, doctors recommended that I keep moving and try to stay active. That’s when I decided to use hockey as a way to stay active; but since I was struggling to keep up in games, I decided to simply work on skills via on-ice drills along with strength and conditioning work off-ice, which is where your videos came into play.

    Little did I know that my health would improve so much as a result of making hockey a part of health plan. I also didn’t realize how much I would love the training aspect of hockey, which led me to your videos and sparked an interest to help other people that may be struggling with health and may benefit from hockey as a way to improve their health in a fun way.

    I wanted to give you that context because my struggle in all this is that imposter syndrome. I never played pro and I’m probably a C-Level player; and so I hesitate to move forward in terms of coaching because I feel people will not want to work with me since I don’t have credentials such as playing pro or even high level college.

    However, I love the game so much and I actually believe in my own personal development. I pay for a skills coach that I work with along with my off-ice trainer, so I do practice what I preach. I actually get made fun of by some of my fellow adult hockey players in my area because they ask me if I’m, “training to go pro.” I just know it’s good for my health, but I just want to be a better hockey player. Period. It’s not about going pro or going anywhere- ha ha ha.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read and, again, thank you so much for providing these incredible videos and what you do for this great game!

    Take care,
    – Jason Torres
    Charleston, South Carolina, USA

  12. Jason Rekker

    “Hi Sean, big fan and love your videos. Been following you on Youtube for about a year now and have learned a lot.”

    – Jason Rekker

  13. Mike Canfield

    “Awesome. I love your stuff. I find a ton of value in it both as someone who plays, and someone who watches/analyzes the game.”

    – Mike Canfield

  14. Tom Kilgour

    “As a hockey instructor, I use your videos daily and incorporate them into my lessons. I have literally had rink management chew me out and tell me this isn’t real skating. LOL. This is real skating! They just don’t know how to skate. Great work!”

    – Tom Kilgour

  15. Lur Kmbal

    “You have greatest hockey training content I’ve ever seen! Keep going!”

    – Lur Kmbal
    iTH Member from Zimbabwe

  16. Adam Krzystolik

    “I’d like to thank you for your perfect performance and support for players. I’m really delighted with your hockey skills and presentation capabiliities. Indeed – perfect. Actually, you have become my main trainer :-). So, again, Sean thank you, I hope you will continue your great ITH activity, as a grateful supporter I try to popularize your offer among my friends. I hope you don’t mind, there is (an unofficial) ITH sticker on my car 🙂 All The Best,”

    – Adam Krzystolik

  17. James Ferreira

    “Amazing content man. Your videos got me hooked. Super in depth and amazing explanation. ?????? Thank you so much! Excited to become a member of your page! Getting back into the game after a 20 year break lol. My 8 year old just started last year and it was finally time to get dad back on the ice. Your channel has been a life saver. Will keep in touch for sure! ?? ps great podcast on behind the gear. Just finished it. Super informative and fun to listen too!”

    – James Ferreira
    iTH Member

  18. Brett Nodello

    “Thanks for the great content! It’s been helpful to a couple of us on my coaching team. I have also shared a number of your videos with players to help with self learning.”


    Brett Nodello

  19. Gary Quenneville

    “I joined iTrain last month and began implementing his drills in practice and have seen an immediate benefit.”

    – Gary Quenneville
    iTH Member + Bantam A Girls Coach

  20. Glenn Collins

    “Thanks! Your videos are great and we use them all the time to train our players.”

    – Glenn Collins
    Youth Hockey Coach

  21. Lakdan Angchok

    “Hi, I really appreciate to your iTrain videos. I learn lots of from your amazing video. Thanks I want to learn more.”

    – Lakdan Angchok

  22. Nikkii Lee

    “I’ve been enjoying so much of your videos for years!! Love it! Best regards,”

    – Nikkii Lee

  23. Jared Pitzer

    “Your videos are very helpful so I wanted to check out the rest of the content. Started playing ice hockey at 30 years old over the summer and your videos have been extremely beneficial for me. iTH has let me progress pretty quickly. Thanks again!”

    – Jared Pitzer

  24. Steve Fortuna

    “Sean’s an amazing COMMUNICATOR. He breaks down each move in great detail, showing the mechanics of how to most effectively carry out moves most of us don’t even think about. We learn these things by habit and never break them down into their component parts. This is what makes his technique superior to almost anything I’ve seen in hockey.”

    – Steve Fortuna

  25. Brad, Anna & Owen Armstrong

    “On behalf of our son Owen, we would like to thank you and your team of coaches for the last couple of years of high-intensity training at “iTrain Hockey”. He has always enjoyed coming to your on-ice training sessions and has gone from an “A” level player (with potential) to playing center position on a GTHL “AAA” team. Owen’s explosive speed, his edge work, his puck handling, and the confidence in his own ability has all been raised more than a few notches since he first started training with “iTrain Hockey”. You have a way of getting the attention of young kids and making them want to learn from you. They seem to gravitate to you and actually listen! And that is a rare talent indeed.

    We have been to countless other hockey academies and few, if any, can come close in comparison to “iTrain Hockey”. Thank you very much for bringing out that potential in Owen. He is a better hockey player and, more importantly, a better teammate because of dedicated coaches like you who really care about a player’s development.

    Keep up the great work!”

    Best regards,
    Brad, Anna & Owen Armstrong

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