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My Forward Skater Program is filled with all the tips, advice, drills and motivation you’ll ever need to build the perfect forward stride, stopping, turning, edges and overall skating skills you’ve always wanted. It is not necessary to have a Video Membership to use this Program though it can be used in conjunction with the Membership Videos as well as all my other training programs. Note: All iTrain Hockey Members receive full access to this program through their account.

I believe that we all have the ability to become exceptional skaters. This Program has been created for players of all ages and skill levels to develop your skating abilities immensely. You can use this Program on your own when you have your own ice time, on synthetic ice or on inline hockey skates on the road. Coaches, you can use this Program as a part of your regular team practices in warm-up or as a central part of your team’s development lessons. Come to your practices with a new workout, with new, exciting and challenging drills each and every day. Follow the practices within the Program at your own pace. You can follow the effective progression of the practices or pick and choose what area of forward skating you’d like to work on as you prefer. Unlike many guides that have a progressional order, the practices in this one can be done in any order you please. It is structured so that you can pick and choose which one you want to perform on any given day, allowing you a variety of options. You can even use this Program in conjunction with or as a regular daily exercise program.

Skills you will develop using this Program: overall forward skating, forward stride, forward skating edges, stopping skills, acceleration with and without a puck, stop + start skills, turning, forward crossovers, skating balance + stability and advanced-pro- elite level forward skating skills.




  • 30+ diverse forward skating practices (180+ different drills) including:

    • Fundamental forward skating drills

    • Forward stride drills

    • Stopping drills

    • Forward skating edges drills

    • Overall forward skating drills
  • Each drill is linked to a video tutorial, demonstrating proper form and technique.

  • Includes my 7 Forward Skater Principles to building strong and perfectly executed forward skating skills.

  • Includes all my nutrition tips and recommendations that I personally live by.

    This is an e-book; therefore, it can be easily downloaded to your phone or any device and taken wherever you go!  You must download your guides within 24 hours to the device of your choosing. LINKS WILL EXPIRE AFTER 24 HOURS.


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