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Join me in Anaheim, CA, USA for a fun and exciting two-day hockey player skills development camp! This is where you start becoming the best player you can be and start playing the best hockey of your life! The iTrain Hockey Anaheim Youth Camp (ages 8 to 10) will help you take a huge leap forward in your overall game. At this camp, you will develop every single skill the game demands including your overall power skating, puck handling and shooting on day 1, and your skating edges, deking and offensive + defensive 1-on-1 battling skills on day 2. This will undoubtedly be the best hockey development camp you’ve ever attended! Please feel free to invite any of your hockey friends or teammates to join you in signing up for the camp!

If you’d like to sign up for the advanced skills training camp taking place on the same two days, please also purchase a spot in the Anaheim Advanced Camp available to ages 8 to adult taking place later each day from 1-4pm. Backward Skating, advanced shooting and offensive + defensive confined space 1-on-1 battling classes on day 1 and skating agility with puck control, passing and offensive + defensive team game tactics classes on day 2 will be conducted at that camp. Hope to see you there too!


Dates: Saturday, May 17th and Sunday, May 18th, 2025.

Time: 7 – 10am

Arena: The Rinks Anaheim Ice, Anaheim, CA, USA.

Players: 30 participant max. Available for ages 8 to 10. House League, recreational, rep and up to elite levels – all will greatly benefit from this training session! Boys and girls are welcome, we always have groups of players from each age group. All ages and levels are welcome as long as you are capable of skating forwards and backwards from one end of the ice to the other fairly quickly and have previous hockey playing experience. Please note that this is a very intense, quick moving practice. We move at the same speed as an elite level style practice. Players should all be ready to be attentive and hard working to get the most out of the practice and to help keep the overall group pace high. Breaks are given throughout each hour when needed and at the end of each hour for a quick zamboni. Bring a healthy snack to eat off the ice during each ice resurfacing to keep your energy levels up. We will make sure to create a fun, safe, hard working and organized training session for all participants. Get ready to get really good at executing each of the skills we plan to work on!

Lead Trainer: Sean Walker


Saturday, May 17th, 2025: Power Skating, Puck Handling + Shooting MasterClasses.

Sunday, May 18th, 2025: Skating Edges, Deking + Offensive and Defensive 1-on-1 Battling MasterClasses.

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  • Please confirm the participant’s name and age in the comments section of the registration form so we can arrange each player into their designated age + skill level group on the ice. Also, if there are any specific skills you or your player need or would like to work on, please offer Sean details in the additional notes section and he will work on those skills with them/ you and aim to integrate drills that will develop those skills into the class practice plan.
  • Please have your water bottles filled before coming to the rink.
  • Lead trainer, Sean Walker is welcoming 3-4 coaches, trainers or hockey parent volunteers with a knowledge of the game and ability to execute each skill to volunteer their time and help support instruct him during the lesson if they’d like to help out and be involved. It’s also a great opportunity to develop your own coaching/ training skills. Please email admin@itrainhockey.com if you’re interested. If we require more volunteers such as yourself, we’ll confirm you in and give you all the necessary details. We need trainers to help reload pucks after shots, keep pucks organized on the ice and to help motivate and organize the players when needed.
  • To keep my flight baggage weight down I would greatly appreciate any volunteers willing to bring their own pucks to the camp for us to borrow. If you have between 50-100 pucks, we’d love to borrow them please. We require 100 pucks for the puck handling hours and an additional 100 pucks for the shooting hours (200 total). I’ll make sure you get all of your pucks back at the end of the camp. Please email admin@itrainhockey.com if you are willing to help.
  • Please note if a refund is requested because you or your player can no longer attend the camp, we will issue a refund only if the refund is requested 10 days prior to the camp start date. All refund requests after 10 days will only be issued only if someone on the camp wait list is available to take your spot. We cannot offer refunds or credits to players cancelling due to any emergency unless we can have another player on our possible wait list to cover their spot. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. Please note there will also be a $25 admin fee for all refunds as this is what we are charged ourselves by our financial institution. Thank you for your cooperation.


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