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Become an elite level hockey player. Discover iTrain Hockey’s engaging style of teaching with full access to our 200+ full video library in eight different categories. Sean Walker guides you to advance your hockey skills with unlimited access to our growing library of training videos. Choose from a variety of focused lessons including:

Skills Tutorials, Remote Coaching, Individual Practice Plans, Team Practice Plans, Off-Ice Training, NHL Player Highlights Analysis, Hockey Knowledge.

Receive access to our weekly growing collection of new videos. Submit your request for new video training ideas including your own remote coaching clips, NHL player analysis, and skills tutorials. Choose from a wide variety of training videos that you can instantly access anywhere! Watch at home, on the ice, the gym, work and even when traveling. View all the beautiful HD videos from your phone, device, or desktop computer.

Once you have an active iTrain Hockey Video Membership, you can have four (4) devices registered to your account at any given time, and you may watch up to two (2) videos at the same time by default. There is also the Team Membership option to upgrade to twenty (20) separate email addresses and devices at the same time and receive all the added team benefits and features available on the Shop page.


iTrain Hockey revolutionized online player development video tutorials with the introduction of Sean Walker’s teachings in 2008. Today, iTH leads the world in hockey training with videos on player skills tutorials, individual and team practice plans, online remote video coaching, off-ice training and motivational videos to better the game for players of all ages and skill levels. The iTrain Hockey Video Membership provides a thorough teaching experience to empower hockey players with breakthrough correctional training in all skills including skating, shooting, passing, puck control, offensive + defensive tactics and so much more. iTH is dedicated to making the best videos on earth, and to making an impact on the development of the great game of hockey! To view our full video library become a member at

25 reviews for VIDEO MEMBERSHIP

  1. Steve Fortuna

    “Sean’s an amazing COMMUNICATOR. He breaks down each move in great detail, showing the mechanics of how to most effectively carry out moves most of us don’t even think about. We learn these things by habit and never break them down into their component parts. This is what makes his technique superior to almost anything I’ve seen in hockey.”

    – Steve Fortuna

  2. Brad, Anna & Owen Armstrong

    “On behalf of our son Owen, we would like to thank you and your team of coaches for the last couple of years of high-intensity training at “iTrain Hockey”. He has always enjoyed coming to your on-ice training sessions and has gone from an “A” level player (with potential) to playing center position on a GTHL “AAA” team. Owen’s explosive speed, his edge work, his puck handling, and the confidence in his own ability has all been raised more than a few notches since he first started training with “iTrain Hockey”. You have a way of getting the attention of young kids and making them want to learn from you. They seem to gravitate to you and actually listen! And that is a rare talent indeed.

    We have been to countless other hockey academies and few, if any, can come close in comparison to “iTrain Hockey”. Thank you very much for bringing out that potential in Owen. He is a better hockey player and, more importantly, a better teammate because of dedicated coaches like you who really care about a player’s development.

    Keep up the great work!”

    Best regards,
    Brad, Anna & Owen Armstrong

  3. Ben Cook

    “I’ve been using the drills on the website and in those two YouTube videos you sent for about a month now. I was playing drop-in hockey Sunday night and two different guys told me I had improved so much that it was a night and day difference. I had my first hat trick the drop-in before that one and even scored on a breakaway against a AAA goalie. I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but I’m really happy with my progress the last month. I was working with a coach 1-on-1 before that and wasn’t making very much progress. Thanks for your help!”

  4. Peter Aivalis

    “This is by far the best video for backwards cross overs, I had learned the wrong way of doing it along time ago, so I had to basically start from scratch, this video really helped me a lot, thanks Sean!”

  5. Ricky Dhillon

    “My son and I absolutely love your videos and coaching methods. Best wishes from Scotland.”

  6. Tamir Nitzan

    “Hi Sean, First of all, thanks for setting up iTrain Hockey. Watching the forward stride video improved my skating a lot more than I thought it would, as it really emphasized HOW to “bend the knees” (more of a deadlift than a squat position), and why that allows for proper extension. As an adult learning how to play at 46, this kind of thing makes a huge difference. So Thank You.

    Regarding the members area, as the body of videos grows, I wanted to suggest you put together a “road map” through the skills and drills, from beginners to advanced. Some kind of proposed lesson plan, maybe with a set of progressions to work on. For example, to learn to stick handle – start with these two basic videos (narrow/wide handling), then work on skills A,B,C on dryland with ball / ice until you’re comfortable, then come back and do these next videos, etc. Similarly for skating techniques (should I learn to stop first? cross overs? inside edges? etc.), shooting, and so on. Thanks for your time and making the site, 46 year old, trying to learn hockey so I can play with my kids.”

  7. Elias Edqvist

    “Hi! First and foremost I’d like to thank Sean and the whole iTrain Hockey crew for the incredible videos you post and all the knowledge you guys pass on. I started playing hockey last year in Sweden and the videos you post has been one of my biggest source for information. I’ve come a long way but I’d like to get better of course and without a coach it can be hard to really know what’s going right and what’s going wrong, so that you offered remote coaching was great. Keep up the good work,”

  8. Patrick Kielty

    “Hi, I’m so impressed with your videos by Sean (I think is the instructor’s name). I’m from Etobicoke and grew up playing shinny at Humber Valley rink. I and my family live in Prague Czech Republic and we visit Toronto each summer. I look forward to watching more of your programs. Many thanks,”

  9. Thomas Ford

    “First I want to let you know how much your videos mean to me and affect my game play. I’m 43 and been playing hockey now on multiple beer league teams both A/B divisions for about 12 years after taking a 20 year break. When I’m on the ice during a game I am always thinking in my head, “What would Sean say to do?”. When facing a defense guy one on one I would think “Sean said never approach a defenseman head on, but approach from an angle”. Just wanted to let you know that the time it takes to edit your videos and make them is worth it, because it raises the skill level for other players like me in NY, Long Island!”

  10. Jiachen Wang

    “Hi Sean! This is Chen from China. I started watching your videos before the website was founded. And that is almost 4 years ago when I was a freshman at Miami University. I had the chance to see our Varsity team’s gamed step on the ice for the first time. And I was attracted to this sport for no reason. Then I began to take skating classes and watch skating videos on YouTube. I was pretty happy to see that you guys have created this new website for all hockey players all around the world and I now love the membership. I really like the slow motion in each video, it helps us catch more information of the whole action. For me, I think each skill and practice makes perfect sense and every time I watch your video I can generate passion to keep me skating and playing hockey. Now the videos are updating so quickly which benefits us all. Thank you for that hard work. I know the ice time is limited, but it is not the excuse. Everyone will see their progress after non-stop earnest practice. We’d rather make mistakes at full speed than hanging around at half speed. I hope more and more people can see your videos. They are just impressive! Thank you so much!! Sincerely!”

  11. TimothyDev

    “Can’t wait to hit the ice tomorrow and try out some stuff, currently binge watching @iTrainHockey”

  12. Andrew Chalfin

    “Sean Walker is a true professional. He breaks things down for kids and adults in a very understandable way. His videos are very professional and there isn’t a detail he misses. I scour the internet for hockey videos as I have been a coach for the last 17 years and am always looking for videos to improve my athletes. Sean has made a tremendous difference in the way I coach and teach with his top-notch videos. Best in the world. He’s the Doctor of Hockey.”

  13. Wendy Naruki-Chew

    “Thank you so much for making these awesome videos!! My daughter, Isabella, is in first year Peewee and we think your videos are the best online tool we have come across! You are so skilled and you are able to break down concepts for us to easily understand. Can’t wait to see more of the training videos on your website! Cheers,”
    Wendy Naruki-Chew

  14. Mummaiswriting

    “My 6 yr old always asks to watch these videos. And if a 6 year old is asking to watch your vids so he can get better at his edges your doing something right.”

  15. Ed Tompkins

    “Great quality sessions!”
    Ed Tompkins
    Adult Player
    Montana, USA

  16. Rob_hky_05

    “Hello iTrain Hockey. I am from Switzerland and like you very much. Thanks to you I have made huge progress in ice hockey. I thank you a lot for these helpful videos!”
    Youth Player

  17. Marc Chattrabhuti

    “Hey! I really enjoy your tutorials, they’ve been helping me a lot on the ice! I’m playing at Yost Ice Arena, at the University of Michigan! I’m learning through the adult hockey program, and on my free time I try to learn as many drills as possible through your videos.”
    Marc Chattrabhuti
    Student/ Player
    Los Angeles, CA, USA

  18. Bruce A.

    “Hello, I enjoy your site very much and have learned quite a few skating tips. It has really made a difference in my skating. Thanks!”
    Bruce A.

  19. Simon Tattersall

    “Rec hockey player aged 51 from the UK. Love your videos mate! All the best and keep the great tutorials coming, they are appreciated worldwide!! Cheers”
    Simon Tattersall
    Rec Player
    United Kingdom

  20. Yuri Fedin

    “I am the head of an amateur ice – hockey team “Varyag” (from the suburbs of Moscow, Russia). I am writing with regard to express my deep appreciation for your video works which I always enjoy watching. I am convinced they are the best content on teaching hockey on the Internet. Our team is already 3 years old. We find that practicing our skills on the rink is already not enough. It is time to go online. There is a huge number of ice-hockey fans in Russia, thousands of sportsmen train every day in order to become a little more skillful. Your online lessons are amazing and I always enjoy watching them as you tell your followers about key points of skating, dribbling and other techniques.”

    Best regards,

    Yuri Fedin
    Varyag CEO

  21. Virender Thappa

    “Hi, I am from India. Here hockey is not a famous sport but I learn hockey because of you. I’ve seen all your videos and have taught other kids from here to play hockey too now. Since starting to watch your videos I’ve learned a lot, thank you and sorry for my english.”
    Virender Thappa
    Beginner Player/ Coach

  22. End_to_end_hky

    “I would just like to thank you so much for all you have done for me!! I just got scouted by two Jr. A teams (Niagara-On-The-Lake Nationals and Cold Water ice Wolves) and your videos really helped me a lot!!”
    Niagara, Ontario, Canada

  23. Don Sanders

    “Every coach needs an iTrain Hockey membership. Watching each one of these videos should be a requirement in coaches clinics across the board. Thank you and keep up the great work! Looking forward to all the new videos each week.”
    Don Sanders
    Flint, Michigan, USA

  24. Geoff Sloan

    “I feel empowered. I can now teach the kids on my team how to shoot every single way of shooting a puck. I know exactly how to break them down so each player understands how to perform it. Such a gift! Thank you Sean and iTH.”
    Geoff Sloan
    Minnesota, USA

  25. Joshua Williams

    “Ever since beginning my hockey journey, I spend a majority of my time either watching hockey videos, practicing my skills or just being a normal teenager. but when I watched hockey videos about fundamentals of the game I always turn to iTrain Hockey. I love the way he demonstrates drills while executing them with finesse and explosiveness. Fast forward two years later, I finally had the opportunity to come out to one of his training intensives and it was incredible. Amount of things I’ve learned in an hour on the ice was definitely worth the time. Sean and his crew were very helpful on pointing things out that I need to work on and helped me become a better hockey player.”
    – Joshua Williams
    College Player

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