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Start by filming video clips of you executing the particular skill you would like assessed shown from different angles and then submit your videos to iTrain Hockey. You have two options to choose from, video link response or Zoom call conversation with Sean Walker directly:

  1. Receive a VIDEO LINK response from Sean Walker for a full breakdown and analysis of the skill or in-game footage of you. He will film his response to you and send a video link in return within a day or two.
  2. Schedule a ZOOM CALL conversation with Sean Walker so he can go over your skills or in-game footage directly with you.

In the comments section of your purchase please let us know if you would like a video link response from Sean or to schedule a Zoom call conversation instead. After purchase of this product, please submit your video link to admin@itrainhockey.com. You will receive an email within one day confirming your order and/ or scheduling your Zoom call.

This product aims at worldwide player development by making practical skills training available to every individual hockey player. The unique feature of this product is that it offers players from all over the world the opportunity to learn directly from one of the leading hockey skills development trainers, Sean Walker.

It makes available to hockey players of all ages and skill levels a key to their unfoldment of higher playing abilities – a simple practice of sending video clips to iTrain Hockey for an extensive analysis of the execution of a particular skill. Film your shot, stride, stick handling or other skill, send us the clips and receive an unmatched educational breakdown right back to you. You can even submit in-game footage of yourself for correction and assessment on your positional play. Refine every aspect of your technique with his valuable correction points and teachings. He also offers drills to help you improve this skill at home or during your own practice time. This product enables everyone to enjoy receiving increased skills training for all areas of the game.



  1. Film yourself or have someone film you executing the skill you would like assessed by Sean Walker. In-game footage is more than welcome too!
  2. Purchase a Remote Coaching Player Analysis product here. In the comments section please let us know if you would like a video response from Sean or schedule a Zoom call conversation instead.
  3. Send the video file or video link to admin@itrainhockey.com
  4. Receive a video response from Sean Walker usually within a day or two. We will post the response as an unlisted video on YouTube and send you the video link to review.


  1. John Thomas

    “Honestly, that was amazing what you did. That was perfect. It is so hard to get that kind of feedback from a coach. I really look forward to you coaching Xavier remotely more. I will definitely be a long term client of yours.  Xavier was so stoked to see that you were talking to him. I didn’t prep him, I just said we are going to watch your new video. I usually have Xavier watch your videos when we are driving to practice and games. I call it his video training. Thanks!!”
    – John Thomas
    Newark, DE, USA.

  2. Gianmarco Picca

    “Hi Sean, thank you very much for the kind words and all the advice. I am looking forward to getting back on the rink to start working on my game again. Thank for the amazing job that you did, it is really helpful. I love your approach, your way of coaching, I found your videos very clear and to the point. The remote coaching it is a wonderful idea, a formidable instrument of teaching and it is able to connect people that love hockey from all around the world! I am Italian, you are Canadian and yet we are able to connect and share our passion for this game. This speaks volumes of who you are, your passion and commitment. You are a good person. Keep going.”
    – Gianmarco Picca
    Rome, Italy

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