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The iTH Full Player Analysis Remote Coaching product aims at worldwide player development by making practical skills training available to every individual hockey player. The unique feature of this product is that it offers players from all over the world the opportunity to learn directly from the leading hockey skills development trainer, Sean Walker.

It makes available to hockey players of all ages and skill levels a key to their unfoldment of higher playing abilities – a simple practice of sending video clips to iTrain Hockey for a full player analysis of the execution of each of your skills. Film your shot, stride, stick handling and every other skill the game demands, send us the clips and receive an unmatched education from Sean Walker’s video response right back to you. You can even submit in-game footage of yourself for correction and assessment on your positional play. Refine every aspect of your technique with his valuable correction points and teachings. He also offers drills to help you improve every skill at home or during your own practice time. This product enables everyone to enjoy receiving increased skills training for all areas of a players game.

Full Player Analysis Features

1. Receive a FREE one year Video Membership! If you’re already a member we’ll extend your memberships expiration date one year from your Full Player Analysis purchase date.
2. Receive an iTH Player Assessment Form to fill out so Sean Walker can fully assess your development growth plan so you can become the best player you can be. After purchase of this product, we will send you a preparation document that provides all the information you need in order to submit the videos to us. You will receive your remote coaching video response from iTrain Hockey within 2-3 weeks.
3. We will provide you with a list of skills to film, you execute them on film and then submit your videos to iTrain Hockey. Receive a video response from Sean Walker within 2-3 weeks for a breakdown and analysis of every video clip skill submitted by you.
4. Receive an iTH Player Report Card from Sean Walker for a rating of your player skills, game skills, and hockey intellect skills. The Report Card includes an evaluation of your skills and where to place your development energy on to maximize your individual growth. It also includes Sean Walker’s recommendations for videos to watch specifically for you from the iTH Video Membership
5. Schedule a Skype or FaceTime video phone call with Sean Walker after you’ve received your Full Player Analysis video. This provides the player (and parent/ guardian for youths) an opportunity to chat together one-on-one with Sean, ask him anything you’d like about your development, growth goals, areas of focus and plans to reach the top of your game.


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