Nicklas Lidstrom

When did we ever see Nicklas Lidstrom on the highlight reels leveling a player with a huge body check? I can’t remember a single time. Despite this he won the Norris Trophy for best defenceman in the NHL seven times in twenty seasons! Incredible right?

Lidstrom knew how to take the man out of the play instead of going for the big hits. He was one of the best positional players to ever play the game. He completely mastered the defenceman’s position. He knew when to jump into the rush as an offensive-defenceman and knew when to play as the stay-at-home D-man. Among these talents he was an incredible play-maker and the most respected player in the locker room serving as a true Red Wings leader!

What are you doing to become a master of your hockey position? Tag a teammate that mastered their position as well as Nicklas Lidstrom!