For passionate hockey players, from beginners to seasoned athletes, striving for consistent improvement and peak performance in the rink, the iTH+ Membership is your ideal training companion. Our platform is dedicated to elevating your game through well-structured training programs, expert coaching, interactive challenges, and an array of resources and features. Whether you’re a veteran player, new to the sport, or coaching you’re own team, we’re here to assist you in reaching your hockey aspirations and becoming the best player you can be.


Learning hockey doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and with our expert guidance, you’ll be astonished by the remarkable progress you can achieve. We believe in simplifying the game.

Our video tutorials encompass every aspect, starting from the fundamentals like mastering basic stickhandling, achieving the perfect stance and balance, executing powerful shots, and becoming familiar with your skate edges and stopping.

Don’t Hesitate, Get Started Now!

Many individuals delay seeking guidance, but this only leads to a prolonged learning curve and the formation of bad habits.

Embarking on your hockey journey can be the most challenging part, and we appreciate the initial difficulties that newcomers face. That’s why our coaching is thoughtfully crafted to facilitate rapid progress and instill confidence right from the outset of your hockey adventure.

Our coaching is not only user-friendly, but it also offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace, in your own space, allowing you to step onto the ice fully equipped to develop your game.


Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of beginner drills with confidence, our intermediate training programs in hockey build upon these foundations by imparting the skills and techniques essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your current performance.

It’s time to progress to the next level of your hockey training: achieving top-tier performance! Transitioning to the intermediate stage, we delve into skating techniques with a focus on crossovers, pivots, and transitions, while also advancing stickhandling abilities. Shooting accuracy and power receive dedicated attention, encompassing wrist shots, snap shots, and slap shots. Understanding positional play and team strategies becomes central, with an emphasis on defensive and offensive positioning, in-game scenarios, and systems. The techniques we teach are the very same methods used by professional players.

With over 25+ years of experience working with hockey players ranging from beginners to seasoned pros, we provide invaluable tips to help you achieve higher performance and eliminate avoidable errors. To become a top-tier player, it’s crucial to recognize common mistakes and acquire the skills to prevent them. You’ll learn how to handle challenging plays and successfully navigate through high-pressure situations with composure.

Consistency is the cornerstone of elite hockey, and it’s precisely what we teach. Our videos offer valuable insights into the mental aspects of the game and how to perform under pressure in big-game moments. We’ll dissect the moves of professional players and guide you on replicating their successful tactics.


It’s time for AAA level play. Access the top instruction of skill development, building on the solid foundation laid by intermediate training.

With our program, you’ll achieve elite skating proficiency, mastering techniques such as edge control, explosive acceleration, and agile transitions. You’ll elevate your shooting game to a professional level, focusing on pinpoint accuracy, advanced shooting techniques, and smart shot selection, all at your fingertips. Our training deepens your understanding of game sense and hockey IQ, empowering you to read the game, anticipate plays, and make strategic decisions. Positional mastery is key, whether you’re a forward or defenseman, and our program provides tailored guidance. Nutrition, mental resilience, advanced tactics, off-ice conditioning, and NHL player analysis are all part of the package.

Join us online and prepare for elite-level competition, leadership roles, and potentially advancing your hockey career.


Learn to coach like Sean Walker. Discover how to structure practices, how to communicate with players of all ages, and how to inspire your team to maximize effort. iTH+ offers hockey coaches a wealth of resources and insights to enhance their coaching skills.

Get access to a vast library of video content that covers various aspects of the game, from fundamental skills to advanced tactics. Coaches can learn by watching demonstrations, analyzing techniques, and adopting the latest strategies used by elite players. This comprehensive video database serves as a valuable reference for designing practice drills, planning training sessions, and addressing specific player development needs.

The more energy, motivation, and quality instruction you give your players, the more they’ll produce results for the team.

*start with a 7-day free trial then billed monthly

*start with a 7-day free trial then billed annually

*get iTH+ for a team of 25

Skills Tutorials


Your Skill Arsenal, Just a Click Away

Discover the ultimate mastery of both beginner and advanced level skills demanded by the game. Unleash your potential in skating, shooting, stickhandling, defensive positioning, and a myriad of offensive maneuvers with precision. Master flawless techniques while gaining valuable insights into common player errors and how to correct them. Unlock the secrets of technical prowess through our meticulously crafted, concise format.

In All Aspects of Training, We’ve Got You Covered







Delve Into Our Training Programs

Our online platform unveils insider tips, expert guidance, and effective drills to enhance every aspect of your hockey skills via a complete collection of structured training programs designed for results.

Our training programs offer structured practices for a hockey player’s most desires. A harder slap shot, smoother dekes, and faster skating programs can be found in iTH+. Follow the video, practice as directed, and you’ll see significant progress quickly. It’s that straightforward.

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Enroll in iTH+ today and become part of a growing community of dedicated members who have transformed their hockey skills and are now enjoying the sport like never before.

Our members, ranging from aspiring beginners to seasoned experts, are witnessing remarkable improvements and transforming their performance. Register now to join this winning team and kickstart your journey to achieving your hockey goals!




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“I know in the long run this camp will not only help me become a better hockey player, but more importantly, I believe it will help me become a better coach.”

– James M.

“I feel it’s helped me be a better teacher to these kids in only a few practices so thank you. It’s been fun going back in my childhood and try and remember the figure skating drills and power skating stuff I did.”

– Duncan Keith

“Your skill level and Technique is amazing to see in person and what you give to the kids goes well beyond the confines of the ice.”

– Rosemary C.

“You did a great job at explaining your drills and the reasons behind them. That made it easy to really grasp the skills and excel at them.”

– Ethan M.

“I feel like you are the missing link my son Ty needs in hockey. What he learns in your 10 minute videos is better then I can show him in 10 seasons. He has great coaches in House League and his AAA spring team, but none compare to what you have on your website.”

– Bill D.

What do I get with my iTH+ subscription?

Experience the ultimate hockey transformation with an iTH+ membership, offering exclusive, expertly designed training videos to unlock your fullest potential. Dive into diverse categories like skills tutorials, personalized practice plans, team training, off-ice workouts, coaching guidance, NHL player analysis, and endless knowledge to become a complete player. Enjoy a constant flow of new videos uploaded monthly, fueling your growth and unleashing your greatness on the ice.

Can I really get better at hockey just by watching videos?

Yes! It can provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed for improvement. All you have to do is practice. Results come from putting in the work and applying what you’ve learned. How much you get from this training depends on how much you put into it.

How quickly will I start to see results?

How quickly you see improvement can be different for everyone. Some may see change within a few training sessions, while others might take longer. It depends on how much you practice but our programs are designed to see improvements immediately.

How do I access all iTH+ resources?

Unlock a world of endless inspiration and hockey expertise with your iTH+ membership. Gain access to over 600+ captivating training videos, accessible from any device once you sign up and log into your account at itrainhockey.com. Ignite your passion and elevate your game with the convenience of watching and enjoying these transformative resources at your fingertips.

How much does iTH+ cost?

Embark on an extraordinary hockey training journey with our annual subscription, available at just $24.99 per month or $119.99 per year. Delve into a treasure trove of knowledge within our expansive video library, where tutorials, follow-along practice plans, nutrition insights, and more await your discovery. Immerse yourself in each video, expanding your expertise and honing your skills to become a force to be reckoned with on the ice. Witness your game soar to new heights as you apply these invaluable resources to your training and playing.

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