Showing the puck to the opposition is like offering them the puck, they go for the poke check and then you make your move keeping the puck super close under your body for greater puck protection. Here are some stickhandling drills to improve these isolated skills as well as some full dekes that support this type of in tight deception moves.

4 rounds, 30 seconds each:
1️⃣ In Tight F-B Stickhandling
2️⃣ In Tight F-B Stickhandling Under Body
3️⃣ Off Leg Fake Shot 2-1’s
4️⃣ Off Leg Fake Shot Deke Into 2-1’s
5️⃣ Stickhandle Front to Forehand Into Tuck
6️⃣ Stickhandle Front to Backhand Into Tuck