Who’s the NHL’s greatest PEST in today’s game? Comment below???

Pests | Brad Marchand

A pest in ice hockey is a player who attempts to antagonize opponent players either by physical play or verbal incitation. Pests employ legal, illegal, or borderline tactics to accomplish their goals. Common tactics include trash talk or slashing and hooking while referees are not looking.

Pests know how to get under your skin to take you off your game. What an interesting and resourceful way of winning in a competitive game! Don’t get me wrong, I hate pests just like everyone else but what pests have figured out is an innovative way of making you or your best players next to useless. The worst kinds of pests are those like Marchand that instigate confrontation AND can back it up by scoring goals and creating offensive opportunities.

Imagine a player pissing you off all game for something they said or did then they end up scoring against you. It reduces moral and can often lead to a huge loss of energy for you and your team. Keep in mind if Marchand was on your team you’d probably love him! He does his job and plays the pest role better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

It leads to a great question. How do you avoid letting pests get the better of you in your games? Comment below??