We can all see how the game is getting faster. Players stick handling and deke moves under tight check is quite nearly rivalling dribbling moves seen in basketball or footwork by some of the best ball handlers in soccer/ football. Shots are profoundly heavier and quicker, finding the back of the net faster than ever before. Players straight away skating, crossovers and overall agility has become supersonic at least in terms of when Connor McDavid’s name has entered conversation.

There’s no doubt he’s the fastest in the NHL. He combines his skating, stick handling, shooting and reaction time to his complete overall game. His whole training methods both on and off the ice encompass speed and quickness as the focus. We’ve taken a lot of the same drills McDavid uses to develop his speed and brought them into your practice plans at iTrainHockey.com. Check them out!

We’re constantly developing new drills and offering knowledge for increasing your speed at iTrain Hockey. Check out the How to Increase Your Speed training video in the skating category to develop your speed. There’s some seriously great tips to make you that much faster. Off the ice we’ve developed hockey specific workout plans to increase your quickness, speed, and reaction time in all areas of your game. Including some off-ice stick handling plans to better your puck handling with a puck on synthetic ice or a weighted ball on pavement.

What are you doing to develop your speed on the ice?