Gordie Howe

Mr. Hockey was a hero to many, beloved on and off the ice. He was a gentleman and super hero of his day. Off the ice and on the ice he was a tenacious warrior! An offensive threat, a play-maker, a grinder and an enforcer. A true hockey hero!

The hockey world is full of heroes. Hockey heroes spend their time striving to be the best. They score big game-winning goals. They help their teammates be the best they can be. They do everything they can to help their team get out of a slump. They earn the opportunity to be called The Great One or The Magnificent One or Mr. Hockey. When they earn their claim they become a Hockey Hero.

Your parents can only offer to drive you to and from the rink and help lace up your skates. In the end it’s up to you to either be the best you can be or not. The hockey world doesn’t need any more players playing small. It needs more Hockey Heroes. Be the hockey player you’ve always dreamed of being.

When I was eleven-years-old I was told by one of the mothers from my hockey team that her youngest son came to the games to cheer on me. I was his favourite player and his hockey hero (even though his older brother was my teammate) ? This made my day and I only wished she told me sooner because from then on whenever I saw my little fan in the stands it would push me to play to the best of my ability. We all need someone or something to play for and to help motivate us to hero status!

What will all of the kids and grownups that come to watch your game say about you from the stands? How great do you want to be? Just a hockey player or a hero of the game? It’s all up to you!