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Become an elite level hockey player. Discover iTrain Hockey’s engaging style of teaching with full access to our 200+ full video library in eight different categories. Sean Walker guides you to advance your hockey skills with unlimited access to growing library of training videos. Choose from a variety of focused lessons including:

Skills Tutorials, Remote Coaching, Individual Practice Plans, Team Practice Plans, Off-Ice Training, NHL Player Highlights Analysis, Hockey Knowledge.

Receive access to our weekly growing collection of new videos. Submit your request for new video training ideas including your own remote coaching clips, NHL player analysis, and skills tutorials. Choose from a wide variety of training videos that you can instantly access anywhere! Watch at home, on the ice, the gym, work and even when traveling.

Simple pricing. $100/year for unlimited access to the ever-growing library of hockey training videos (works out to only $8.30/ month)

Beautiful HD videos. View all the beautiful videos from your phone, device, or desktop computer.

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  1. Joshua Williams

    Ever since beginning my hockey journey, I spend a majority of my time either watching hockey videos, practicing my skills or just being a normal teenager. but when I watched hockey videos about fundamentals of the game I always turn to iTrain Hockey. I love the way he demonstrates drills while executing them with finesse and explosiveness.

    Fast forward two years later, I finally had the opportunity to come out to one of his training intensives and it was incredible. Amount of things I’ve learned in an hour on the ice was definitely worth the time. Sean and his crew were very helpful on pointing things out that I need to work on and helped me become a better hockey player.
    – Joshua Williams
    College Player

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