The three tactics are the same on offence when you have the puck, and defence when you’re working to create a turnover and get possession.

1️⃣ SPEED 💨
On offence: use your speed to separate from the defender and create space for yourself.
On defence: use speed to close the gap and suffocate the opposition with pressure.

On offence: use your stickhandling to create deceptive deke moves to evade the defenders attack.
On defence: use your stick to poke check or stick lift the puck carrier. Pesky stick-on-stick poke checks make it difficult to control the puck.

On offence: claim territory, guard and protect your puck with your arm, legs, hips, stick and/ or butt. Puck protection tactics help keep puck possession.
On defence: push the opposition to control their body and prevent them from getting past you. Use your arms and shoulders to attack while maintaining a defensive position.

Combine all three at the same time and you’re golden! 🏆